Why a single-ended power amp with a 400-watt triode?

833 s“ Single-ended” is currently the only circuit design where the input signal (in this case the electric guitar) is not split into a positive and a negative half wave and then mixed together again, but is amplified as a whole. In this form the guitar signal from instrument to speaker is kept in its entireity.
Crossover distortion, which inevitably occurs with the common push-pull operation, is simply out of the question in single-ended-operation, that’s why this amplifier always sounds good at low or high volume levels whilst delivering an accurate and detailed tone.



All-tube guitar head amplifier

Technical specifications

  • 100 watt with power triode 833
    single-ended (class A) poweramp
  • 5 x ECC 83 (12AX7); 2 x ECC 81 (12AT7);
    2 x EL 34 / KT88 / 6550
  • 6 channels - each with its own gain, volume and EQ-control:
    • 2 x Clean
    • 2 x Crunch with Boost-function
    • 2 x Lead with specially Mid-range - EQ
  • specially developed, tube-powered active EQ-control per channel which can be individually adapted via slots
  • 2 switchable master volume controls
  • 5 FX loops, adjustable level and FX-mix
  • tuner out with mute function, switchable

  • Line out with level control and phase shift
  • preamp out / poweramp in section
  • speaker-out: 4, 8, 16 ohm
  • including floorboard with 13 switches to control:
    • all channels
    • all effect loops (FX loops)
    • master 1/2 control
    • tuner / mute function
  • connection amp - floorboard with
    each standard - XLR cable

    dimensions - amp:
    l x h x w: 720 x 290 x 275 mm

    33,5 kg